Think of CAT as a Cricket match and to play at the top of your game on matchday youi need to put a certain amount of hours for practice in order to hone your skills. In the same way to make sure that you perform well and give your best on the exam day you need to take mock tests regularly to see where you stand now and what are your strength and weaknesses and how should you approach the examination. Giving mock tests will help you formulate a strategy which works best for you and helps you score maximum amount of marks. Giving mocks helps you to identify the weak areas that you need to work on more and also helps you to acclimatize yourself In CAT environment. Analysing the mock tests is also a big part of CAT preparation. You should analyse each and every mock thoroughly so that you can identify where did you make a mistake and also that if you encounter a similar question in future then you can attempt it correctly.

Also attempting the past CAT papers is a must so that you know the type of questions that have been asked in past and as the pattern of the paper remains more or less the same you can also get the first hand experience of an actual CAT paper. There might be a possibility that you may find a certain question repeating itself and you can correctly attempt although the chances of this occuring is less but still you must attempt past papers so you can expose yourself to a variety of different questions asked in the actual exam and be prepared.