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Welcome to Knowledge Santa website.

Cat aspirants often face difficulty on the day of the examination and are nor able to perform to their utmost potential due to lack of familiarity and proper development of strategy. We at Knowledge Santa are just here to help with this issue. The key to crack cat is to work smart instead of working hard. Cat is not a knowledge-based test but a skill-based one. You are tested on various aspects including time management, smart selection and optimisation which are essentially the skills of a good manager.

Our website helps candidate to develop those skills. we offer full length mock tests that simulate the environment of the real test. The user interface is exactly mirrors what one is to expect on the D-day. Taking full mock tests have myriad advantages:

Time management: The timer constantly reminds you of the amount of time left which forms a sub- conscious habit of working under pressure ultimately preparing you for the test. Success depends on the wise investment of time. Taking mocks, making errors and learning from them adds valuable experience to a test-takers arsenal.

Strategy: every candidate has his/her strength and weaknesses. The optimal strategy should be such that one can capitalise on their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses in accordance with the time. Thus, selection and rejection of questions done right can make one’s test. Mock tests are an excellent opportunity to try out different strategies and bind the best one that works for you.

Endurance: Majority of the test-takers are not able to withstand 3 hours of rigorous testing under time pressure. Mock tests are an excellent way to instil in one the endurance which develops gradually over time.

Analysis: analysing the tests after taking them is the step where most of the learning takes place. One can see the errors that one made and accordingly alter the strategy that one uses. Rigorous analysis of multiple tests develops a test taker’s ability to unprecedented levels.

We at Knowledge Santa believe in innovative pedagogy. In addition to mock tests we have build several widgets to strengthen your calculation and vocabulary skills. The time-based interface helps the test taker to improve their speed and the leader board ensures a healthy environ of competition.

Determination, dedication and discipline combined with the tools of our website will guarantee a focused candidate glorious success.

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